theremin for the masses

One of the most amazing features that makes the THEREMIN so unique, is that it is played without actual physical touch. Visually, the THEREMIN is a box/podium-like unit with two antennae. A vertical antennae is used to form pitch, and a horizontal antennae is used to control volume. Both of these antennae radiate an electro-magnetic field that the player manipulates and controls. This is done by the player moving and holding their hands in the air within the electro-magnetic field, towards and away from the antennae-pitch and volume are controlled by varying the distances between the antennae & the hands. By gesturing, the player evokes sound.

Theremin parts explained

Lev Sergeyevich Termen/Leon Theremin is looked at as the forefather of electronic music, and also a developer of Cold War espionage tools such as the "spy" bug and burglar alarms. Being a physicist led him on several extremely different paths during his lifetime~ inventor, musician, KGB...The life of Lev Sergeyevich Termen/Leon Theremin, is full of eternal mysteries & history.

Originally, being used as a classical music instrument, the THEREMIN sound that was created was similar to stringed instruments, even a singing voice. Clara Rockmore was one of the most famous, and original THEREMIN players. She played the THEREMIN starting in the 1920's, all the way up to her death into her 80's, with Carnegie Hall being on her list of many performances.

The THEREMIN has also been used for �spooky� sound effects for horror movies such as UFO�s, ghosts, and overall creepy sounds.

This is just a brief insight into the world of the THEREMIN and the life of it's inventor.....please seek out more.

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