theremin for the masses

Theremin purists.......and Theremin virgins......
This is an experiment to help introduce the world to the musical virtuosity of one of the first electronic musical instruments ever built, the THEREMIN (circa 1920), and the interesting journeys of the inventor himself–Lev Sergeyevich Termen / Leon Theremin.

Throughout the past several years, the Theremin has sent me on many interesting adventures, enabling me to play with a number of talented and fun people~
This compilation is a document of some of the journeys that I have been lucky enough to take.

I do not claim to be a virtuosa, but a lover of music, a lover of an instrument that is played without touch....out of thin air....
Music made without physical touch?
Impossible....but true!

This collection of music has been put together to help acquaint, educate, and inform all types of music lovers to one of the world’s first electronic instruments. The Theremin, which is played without touching it, is played by manipulating your hands through an invisible electromagnetic field for volume and pitch control. I hope to help bring it to its due justice as a respected musical instrument and art form.
With THEREMIN on every song, you will be exposed to a variety of music to tempt and delight your ears.
Then hopefully in turn, help spread the knowledge of the musical diversity, of this classical pioneering instrument....


To LISTEN to a medley of a few songs from the
now–released "Theremin for the Masses"
compilation, click the player button below.

updated 3/23/14
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